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Our private managed, whitetail herd is high fenced to allow us the ability to consistently produce outstanding trophy whitetail bucks year after year! The genetics of our managed herd are among the best in the country and during your hunt you can expect to see dozens of outstanding trophy whitetails, ranging in size from 150 inches to over 400 inches!


Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio is located in the heart of Amish country in the rolling hills of Northeastern Ohio, which is a classic whitetail habitat, and our mix of hardwoods, creek bottoms, and fields provide the perfect setting for your hunt.

Upon your arrival, you'll quickly understand how passionate we are about deer hunting and especially trophy whitetails, and more importantly, how dedicated we are to you having a great hunt, and harvesting that dream buck!


During your hunt you're free to use your favorite hunting weapon: Rifle, handgun, bow, crossbow. The majority of our hunting is done from ground blinds, although at times we may do some spot and stalk, depending on the movement of the deer, and you'll be up early, come downstairs in the lodge to hot coffee, and a hearty breakfast, and then we'll head out to a blind where you're sure to jump start your day with a huge adrenaline jolt when you see that first trophy whitetail buck come ghosting silently by! That adrenaline rush will be repeated throughout the morning, as you're likely to see dozens of outstanding trophy whitetails during your morning hunt.

One of our hunters expressed it this way:


I saw the pictures on the website and I asked myself, could it really be that good? Well, after hunting here, the answer is that it's even BETTER...

After the morning hunt, it's back to the lodge for lunch, some camaraderie and a bit of rest before we head back out afield again in mid-afternoon.

Once you do harvest that whitetail buck of a lifetime, and after all the photos, congratulations, and just taking some time to let it all sink in, one of our professional staff will skin and quarter your deer. Caping of your trophy is available if you desire, and we have and outstanding local taxidermist that many of our returning hunters have used year after year.

We value you as a fellow hunter, we appreciate your business, and all of our staff are dedicated to providing you with top notch customer service, a great hunt, camaraderie, and helping make memories that will last a lifetime!

We're confident that after one visit you'll understand why we're THE destination for your trophy whitetail hunt of a lifetime!

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